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High Quality Mobile Stduo Recordings


For some recording studios that are unfamiliar with can be quite daunting, and this can be enough to stifle your creativity and workflow. This was the original reason we decided to provide this service, and by us coming to you, this also means not too much upheaval for you and your kit and you can create record and we can produce your music. At the end of the recording session you are able to take the session files in WAV file format, or we can take your session back to the lab and mix and master your recording for an extra fee. The choice is yours!

This service is perfect for musicians, audio voice-overs (visual or audio books), and vocal recordings. Our friendly and skilled engineers use high quality microphones, preamps, and software processing plugins to record and process audio, using both mono or stereo microphone setups. So don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or to book a session!


- Apple MacBook Pro

- UAD Apollo Twin Audio Interface

- (DAW's) ProTools, Logic Pro X and MPC 

- MPC Live Drum Machine

- Neumann TLM 103

- AKG Headphones

- Mic Stand 

- Portable Booth

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