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mix and mastering services London

Nowadays a professional-sounding mix and master is what can make a great difference to how your song is received by your audience. We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. Our engineers are qualified and highly skilled when it comes to the art of audio engineering, and achieve professional, efficient, and exceptional results. 

Our mixing and mastering engineers use high-quality processing hardware and software plugins (UAD, Waves, SSL) to mix your audio tracks, resulting in industry-standard results. Once we have received your track stems via an internet transfer site such as WeTransfer, we shall mix your track and shall have your song back to you within 48hrs. Our prices vary depending on the size of your project. In the end, you will receive a high-quality stereo audio file via WeTransfer directly to your email.



Prices vary depending on the size of the project. Please contact us directly to discuss this further.


Stereo Mastering - £40

Stem Mastering -  £60

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